Best Of 2020

Best Local Music Podcast with Heart: "Hero Radio"

Hero Radio is a podcast with a local music focus created by the staff and students at Melodic Connections, a nonprofit that provides creative music therapy programs and classes for people with developmental disabilities and others who would benefit from them. Hero Radio is hosted by Melodic Connections students, who interview a different Cincinnati musician or music figure on each episode and make connections to their own experiences in the organization’s programs. Longtime local musician Justin Todhunter (an instructor at Melodic Connections) helps set up the interviews, which are often impressively insightful, as the guests offer up honest and informative answers about their musical “hero’s journey,” talking about their creative processes and the things they’ve learned about music and life in general throughout their careers. So far, the show has featured artists like The Cliftones’ Diedrich Jones, Wussy’s Chuck Cleaver, Wonky Tonk, Missy Werner, Eddy Kwon, Freekbass, Lauren Eylise, Maria Carrelli, Jess Lamb, The Tillers’ Mike Oberst and Triiibe’s Siri Imani. Hero Radio has completed three seasons, and all episodes are available to listen to via Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Hero Radio,