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Best Mural You Don’t Have to Be On Acid To Enjoy: Lost & Found

Best Mural You Don’t Have to Be On Acid To Enjoy

If you’ve walked down East 14th Street in Over-the-Rhine you’ve probably been magnetized by the funky rainbow mural leading passersby to poke their head into Cincinnati’s new cocktail bar, Lost & Found. Rightfully so. The mural, created by artist Cody Gunningham, has become an iconic landmark used to locate the bar, which has even more art by local artists inside. Gunningham is also the artist behind other prints found in famed OTR spots like Social OTR and Wodka Bar. But his mural at Lost & Found is the easiest to transcend into, with endless cartoony and abnormal objects at which to look. The trippy artwork has enough wonderment, crazy colors and warped perceptions that you don’t even have to be on psychedelics to enjoy the experience. See for yourself. Lost & Found, 22 E. 14th St., Over-the-Rhine,