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Best Place to Sip Rum in a Landlocked City: Other Room

Best Place to Sip Rum in a Landlocked City

If Other Room has proven anything to the city since opening in early 2019, it’s that rum cocktails are more than a sugary frozen drink sipped on a beach at an island resort, and that bourbon isn’t the only reigning American spirit. As a separate back bar tucked behind Longfellow, Other Room has more than 100 fluctuating rums, which they claim is the largest rum collection in Ohio. While rum might be associated with tropical locations, Other Room brings the beach vibes to the Queen City (minus the kitschy beach cottage décor). Actually, the bar itself feels more like a cooler version of your grandparent’s basement, with wood paneling, framed floral prints and other vintage trinkets. Rum fanatics can order specialty cocktails like the Out Adrift, Dr. Jones and Shisho Painkiller — or just enjoy the complexities of the spirit on its own. The Other Room, 109 E. 13th St., Over-the-Rhine,