Best Of 2020

Best Web Series for Gear Heads and Music Lovers Alike: "Fret Buzz"

Fret Buzz is a monthly web series that’s like a cross between an interview podcast and the talk shows of yesteryear, when multiple (often disparate) guests would appear “on the couch” together and entertainingly interact. The brainchild of musician/gear expert Mike Reeder, founder of instrument shop Mike’s Music — one of the best vintage guitar stores in the country — each episode of Fret Buzz features a panel of Cincinnati musicians (mostly guitarists and singers) who share stories and play a few tunes. So far the show has included artists like The Newbees, Danny Frazier, Dallas Moore, Veronica Grim, Steve Earle, Brent James, Noah Wotherspoon and Taylor Shannon, whose episode debuted just a few weeks before his unexpected death. Recorded at Covington’s The Village, a multimedia production house Reeder created with local musician/producer Brian Lovely, Reeder and co-host William Gilmore Weber (a veteran guitarist who’s worked with GG Allin and The Tigerlilies, among others) lead the casual yet lively discussions and the musicians play a song of their choosing on vintage guitars Reeder selects for them. It’s a loose, spontaneous show loaded with insight between the laughs, reminiscent of what it might be like to be a fly on the wall backstage in a dressing room at a music festival. Fret Buzz,