Best Of 2020

Best West Side ’80s Flashback: Wondercade

During the heyday of video game arcades, the West Side of Cincinnati was a hot spot. Within a half-mile radius there were places like Doc Holliday’s Game Emporium in Western Bowl and the mall arcade in the complex that housed Shillito’s department store, among other spots. In 2019, a new West Side arcade was announced for 2020 and it looks to recapture that old ’80s spirit, part of an area trend over the past few years. Set to open later this year, Wondercade will join the business district of the revitalized Westwood neighborhood and offer retro coin-operated favorites like Asteroids, Pac-Man, Tron and Dig Dug. Unlike some similar places, while you will be able to order adult beverages, Wondercade will be legitimately old-school and welcome gamers of all ages. Wondercade, 3143 Harrison Ave., Westwood,