Best Of 2020

Best Winter Warmer for Rooftop Bars: Rentable “igloos”

A weird trend popped up at Cincinnati-area bars over the winter, specifically those with outdoor rooftops. Drinking destinations including The View at Shires’ Garden and the AC Upper Deck started offering rentable “igloos” so those willing to spend a certain amount of money could enjoy cozy cocktails in a heated, domed shelter. The igloos were not made of ice but rather a transparent-plastic-y material draped over an igloo-shaped skeleton and generally came complete with all sorts of winter wonderland amenities: warm blankets, pillows, LED lights, games and even electric fireplaces. Reservations — and a food/drink minimum — were required to get you into these exclusive roughly eight-person bubbles, which offered panoramic views of the city skyline. Kings Island’s WinterFest even sprung for a series of rentable VIP domes in Jack Frost’s Igloo Village that looked identical to the ones at the rooftop bars. So where did they come from? It’s unknown (maybe Amazon, because they are selling “garden dome igloo-stylish conservatory”) but people really loved them.