Best Of 2020

Best Literary Cause: Blue Manatee Literacy Project Bookstore

The Blue Manatee Bookstore underwent a rebirth for the goal of childhood literacy last spring. In April, the charming children’s bookstore located near Oakley Square reopened as a nonprofit with a new mission: Get books in the hands of kids who need them. From there, the Blue Manatee Literacy Project was born, and now the bookstore offers a one for one donation strategy. For every book sold, another will be donated to a school that lacks age-appropriate reading materials for students. The program specifically targets children between ages 4 and 8, an age group where the nonprofit says there is a critical need for reading materials in order to improve literacy rates by third grade. In addition to book donations, the nonprofit also promotes literacy by assisting reading mentors and holding kids’ events at the bookstore. An event calendar can be found on the Blue Manatee’s website. Blue Manatee Literacy Project Bookstore, 3094 Madison Road, Oakley,