Best Of 2020

Best Macabre Collection: Hail Dark Aesthetics

Across the river in Covington is Hail Dark Aesthetics: A truly weird gem where you can buy vinyl, an opossum skull, taxidermied bats, a pickled hedgehog fetus and more all in the same transaction. Anyone in need of sage or crystals would also likely find what they seek here. Need to contact the dead? There’s a Ouija board for that. A second outpost of the Nashville-based oddities shop, they also host niche classes that aren’t for the squeamish. Case in point: In partnership with educational group Meddling with Nature, they led a rat taxidermy workshop last summer and many more scorpion and bug mounting workshops this winter. The store’s ambiance is equal parts creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky — regardless, we love this little haven for all things weird. Hail Dark Aesthetics, 720 Main St., Covington,