Best Of 2020

Best New Salon to Dye Your Hair a Color Your Grandma Would Hate: Olive and Ivy Salon

Sit in any salon chair at the newly opened Olive and Ivy Salon and someone next to you is sure to be getting a rainbow-colored dye job (or maybe it’s yourself). The talented team of independent stylists is great at executing current trending hairstyles, including short cuts, long weaves and sultry balayage. But for those looking to punch up their look, it’s the go-to-spot for a multi-hued hairdo by colorists who know a thing or two about standing out, embracing their true selves, and experimenting with endless dye combinations. The studio in and of itself is reason enough to stop in for a consultation, with complimentary beverages, hanging plants, a chill vibe and an accommodating staff ready to take your hair to the next level. Olive and Ivy Salon, 4803 Whetsel Ave., Madisonville,