Best Of 2020

Best Reason to Ditch Old McDonald: Foreverland Farm

Foreverland Farm can be found nestled along the woodsy roads of Amelia, Ohio. It’s home to a sassy pig named Betty, an adorable three-legged goat known as Champ, Biscuits the Donkey, and over 30 other rescues ranging from chickens to rabbits and horses. Of the many stories of how the animals arrived at the farm is the one of a sheep named Lala, whose previous owner wanted to get rid of her because he believed she couldn’t have offspring. Without Foreverland — run by Brittney Kane and her wife, Leann — she would have been slaughtered. Ironically, Lala was actually pregnant when she arrived and Foreverland named the sweet lamb Marvel. The nonprofit champions a compassionate vegan lifestyle grounded in giving former farm animals, as their name suggests, forever homes. You can visit on open barn days or donate via Patreon, Paypal and Venmo (just search Foreverland Farm). Foreverland Farm, 2885 Lindale Mount Holly Road, Amelia,