Best Of 2020

Best Tie-Dye Shop Making Mats for Those Experiencing Homelessness: Funky Sunshine

An eclectic little shop in Anderson Township, Funky Sunshine specializes in homemade local art and lots and lots of rainbow tie-dye creations. Their feel-good, community-minded ethos manifests in fun do-it-yourself dying workshops as well as an ongoing project in service of environmentalism and social advocacy. Funky Sunshine creates mats for fellow Cincinnatians experiencing homelessness, providing a clean, cushy seat or a comfortable layer for underneath sleeping bags. The shop hosts kid- and adult-friendly get-togethers for novice crafters to crochet the mats from recycled plastic grocery bags. Those who can’t make it to a mat-making session can always swing by with bags to donate, since it takes anywhere from 500 to 1,000 of them to craft a single mat. Funky Sunshine, 6448 Sherman Ave., Anderson Township,