Best Of 2020

Best Way to Join the Hive Mind: Gaiser Bee Company

Apiculture — aka beekeeping — has a long history that dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, who made hives using pipes formed from clay. They would move the hives up and down the Nile River, letting the bees pollinate whatever flowers were in season. Centuries later, the delicate art of beekeeping still happens all over the world, including in Cincinnati. If you want to try your hand at this unique trade, Gaiser Bee Company sells five nucs in drawn-out frames for $210. Also known as nucleus colonies, nucs are derived from larger colonies and are home to bees in all stages of development, including one unmarked mated queen. The frames come in a plastic Jester box to get you started. On last year’s pickup day, Gaiser’s trailer brimmed with 250 packages, which they sold to new and experienced beekeepers alike. Gaiser Bee Company, 3402 Kleenman Road, Monfort Heights,