Best Of 2020

Best Place to Exercise in Public: The FitLot at Jacob Hoffner Park

Want to get healthy? You’ve got to put in the work, regardless of your goal. Sure, you could get a decent gym membership for a fair price, but that comes with some baggage not everyone wants to lug (looking at you, gym bros — nobody cares about your gains). If you want to start to get into shape without having to fork over your hard-earned cash, check out Jacob Hoffner Park in Northside. Cincinnati Parks recently joined forces with the AARP for its 60th anniversary to install a FitLot Fitness Park, complete with a self-powered cardio stepper, elliptical, pull-up bars, chest and back press, parallel bars, a knee raise, hand cycle and more. It’s all free to use and open to the public. The Cincinnati FitLot was one of 15 installed across America in 2019 and the AARP’s goal is to place FitLots in communities in every state, Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. If you don’t want to use the provided equipment, you can always run endless laps around the park’s playground, as long as you don’t run over any Northside kiddos — the neighborhood is groovy and open minded, but only to an extent. After your exercise session comes to an end, why not hit up Northside Tavern for a few pints to undo all your hard work? Jacob Hoffner Park, 4101 Hamilton Ave., Northside,