Best Of 2020

Best Place to Fowl: Fowling Warehouse

The Fowling Warehouse stretches over 46,000 square feet and boasts 30 total lanes of fowling, which is a unique combination of bowling and football. Here’s the deal: two teams set up bowling pins across from one another and take turns knocking each other’s pins down with a football. The Michigan-based franchise opened the Cincinnati location in 2019, making it the first spot not in the Great Lake State. Now Atlanta and Indianapolis also have their own warehouses. Guests can either reserve a lane, which costs $120 for two hours with up to 10 maximum players per lane, or they can enjoy “open play,” which requires no reservation and costs $10 per person. During “open play,” fowlers can play all night long — the winner remains on the lane and the loser must to get in line for another challenge. Fowling Warehouse Cincinnati, 2940 Highland Ave., Pleasant Ridge,