Best Of 2020

Best Reason to Root for the Bengals in 2019: Man living on the roof of his bar and not coming down until the team won a gam

Most years, the Bengals consistent losing is the source of endless consternation, but the 2019 season offered up something a little different — at a certain point, Who Dey Nation had to actually cheer for a loss in the hopes that the team would end the year with the league’s worst record and earn the top pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. But any Bengals fan with a heart had to do at least a little low-keep cheering for Jeff Lanham, owner of the Hog Rock Cafe in Milan, Indiana, who undertook the heroic (stupid? Heroically stupid?) mission of living on the roof of his bar and not coming down until the team won a game. One game. Lanham went up on the roof after the Bengals’ fifth straight loss of the season in early October, promising to remain there until their winless streak was broken. Even for the Bengals, of course, it was a losing season for the record books — Lanham spent Thanksgiving on the roof, but finally got to come down after the team beat the New York Jets in early December, mercifully ending their 11-game losing streak. Lanham’s 57-day stint wasn’t even the longest Bengals victory vigil. He just missed the record set when radio personality Dennis “Wildman” Walker similarly camped out on a billboard in 1991. Walker was on the billboard for 61 days after the team’s first loss that year until the Bengals finally won the ninth game of their season. Cincinnati Bengals,