Best Of 2020

Best Reds Critics: A swarm of bees

Joey Votto remains the Reds most slyly funny player, but outfielder Derek Dietrich is the clear extroverted class clown. Dietrich became a fan favorite in 2019 in part due to his slugging ability, but also because of his playful antics. Last spring, a swarm of bees caused the start of a springtime afternoon game between the Reds and the San Francisco Giants to be delayed for 15 minutes as workers tried to remove the pests (yes, yes — they are very valuable creatures in our eco system but at baseball games they are pests). Dietrich did his part, running around the field dressed as an exterminator — or perhaps a Ghostbuster — and spraying… something (can’t imagine they’d give him actual poison). Once the bees were lured away by an actual beekeeper who just happened to be at the game, the Reds won handily — 12-4 was the final score. Surprisingly (given the popularity of superstitions in sports), the team didn’t attempt to bring back the bees for regular ceremonial game delays in an effort to recapture the magic. Cincinnati Reds,