Best Of 2020

Best Sincere Apology: Cincinnati Reds TV analyst Chris Welsh

Some social media users were offended when Cincinnati Reds TV analyst Chris Welsh said during a game that the Atlanta Braves’ Curaçao-born second baseman “may not know the difference between $35 million and $85 million.” The longtime Fox Sports Ohio announcer was talking about Braves star Ozzie Albies’ contract extension, which many felt was for way below what he should have received. The social media response to Welsh’s comments led to posts from Deadspin, Awful Announcing and The New York Post, with many suggesting that Welsh was essentially saying Albies was too dumb and (formerly) poor to understand his own contract negotiations. Many felt the controversy was ridiculous, the result of a perhaps intentional misreading and misrepresentation of what the announcer said. But Welsh stepped up and took responsibility for his remarks — he said he’d apologized to Albies in person and then before the next game he told viewers, “I used some words last night that are just not very good choices for words. In fact, they were uninformed and they were wrong.” In our age of angry denials and aloof non-apologies, Welsh deserves a lot of credit for addressing the issue head-on and with sincerity.