Best Of 2021

Best First Exhibit at Bunk Spot’s New Location: OVER / TIME

One of Jill Cleary’s psychedelic “Jibe” murals

Pendleton artist collective and gallery Bunk Spot got a new home in Northside in 2020. And the space at 4148/4150 Hamilton Ave. is shared with (DSGN)Cllctv, an arts consulting business. Bunk Spot — also known as Bunk News — has a strong DIY bent and has been behind a slew of local art and music shows since its formation in 2005. Described as a “place where scenes and genres disappear,” the gallery has also dissolved the delineation between interior and exterior art by turning the building itself into a focal point. Curator Ben Brown refers to the structure and the alley that runs alongside it as “kind of like a public gallery,” and local artists have taken to leaving their mark. Covered in vibrant street art, passersby can see one of Jill Cleary’s psychedelic “Jibe” murals, batty work by Vladimir Plitsyn, Hitchcockian creations by Technique 2012, a blue gradient piece by Tenzing and a blazing mural by Empire Citizens before even entering the gallery doors. The first exhibit they hosted at the new location was equally impressive. Cincinnati-based photographer and videographer Asa Featherstone IV’s self-portrait exhibition OVER / TIME was initially created and displayed as a series via Featherstone’s Instagram over the summer as an “immediate response to the frustration around police brutality, the murder of George Floyd and the generational fatigue around living through these cycles.” The Bunk show featured 26 self-portraits joined by brief conversations or considerations that offered a glimpse into the all-too-common occurrences of racism experienced by Black people.