Best Of 2021

Best One-Woman FEAST.: FEAST.

Over-the-Rhine’s Know Theatre opened its 23rd season with FEAST., a “bespoke online production” that invited guests to “virtually break bread” with Grendel’s monstrous mother from the epic tale Beowulf. The one-woman performance was a manic monologue spoken by Grendel’s mother, now given the name “Agathae,” and played by Jennifer Joplin. She oscillated back and forth between a charming hostess and a grieving, furious mother bemoaning her son’s fate — as well as the state of the modern world. Know’s Artistic Director Tamara Winters directed the show and said it wasn’t “Zoom” theater (although there’s nothing wrong with that), but more of an interactive and specially designed experience. The theater continued its streaming success through the rest of the season.