Best Of 2021

Best Print Museum with a Purpose: Cincinnati Type & Print Museum

Museum founder Gary Walton

Lower Price Hill’s Cincinnati Type & Print Museum operates under a mission with three main purposes: to preserve the illustrious history of printing in the Queen City, to give artists the opportunity to create and learn letterpress and printing operations, and to provide training and jobs to people in the neighborhood struggling with addiction. Founded by Gary Walton, the museum celebrated its fourth anniversary in 2020 and continues to partner with local BLOC Ministries and its Redeemed Home program. Launched in 2016, Redeemed Home assists 10 women at a time — survivors of prostitution, trafficking and addiction — and goes above and beyond typical recovery programs by providing housing, basic needs, therapy and life skills. “There’s a hundred and some museums out there that do demonstrations and displays and so forth, but without Redeem, it’s not a ‘working’ museum. Now, that arm of redemption is always there. I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as I do if we didn’t have the Redeem program,” says Walton.