Best Of 2021

Best Star-Studded Stand-Up Sets in Rural Ohio: Dave Chappelle

During lockdown, Dave Chappelle began hosting intimate, socially distanced comedy shows (that included a branded keepsake face mask) at Wirrig Pavilion, a private outdoor event space amid cornfields and Christmas tree farms in the idyllic village of Yellow Springs, Ohio — all with the approval of Gov. Mike DeWine. The rotating, surprise lineups featured an eclectic mix of comedians and musicians including Tiffany Haddish, Erykah Badu, Sarah Silverman, Trevor Noah, Chris Rock, Jon Hamm, John Mayer and even Louis C.K. Chappelle is no stranger to organizing pop-up parties: he’s thrown famous “Juke Joints,” mysterious music and comedy parties, in Yellow Springs and around the country since 2015. And if you missed this summer’s most exclusive stand-up experience? A company owned by Chappelle has purchased an old fire station in Yellow Springs with plans to convert the building into a comedy club.