Best Of 2021

Best New Holiday in Hamilton County: Juneteenth

In 2020, the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners unanimously voted to make Juneteenth a paid holiday. Starting June 19, 2021, all county employees will have a paid day off. The resolution, introduced by Commissioner Victoria Parks, “recognizes the significance of Juneteenth to our country, county and community,” she said. The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center’s Christopher Miller provided historical context about the significance of Juneteenth during a commission meeting. “Juneteenth represents the end of chattel slavery in America. It serves as a historical milestone reminding Americans of the triumph of the human spirit over the systemic injustice of enslavement,” he said. “Juneteenth honors those ancestors who endured the institution of slavery as well as demonstrating pride in the great legacy of courage, resistance and perseverance — a legacy they left behind for us.” This past year also marked the first year the City of Cincinnati raised a flag commemorating the holiday.