Best Of 2021

Best Plan to Streamline Metro Bus Fare: Metro’s fare simplification plan

Changes are coming to Cincinnati Metro in April that could save riders some dough while making others pay slightly more than they are now. Metro’s fare simplification plan goes into effect April 4 and will streamline the zone-based fare structure. The current fare structure is based on six zones of different fares, depending on where you’re traveling to or from. Under Metro’s new plan, zones will be eliminated, and fares will be simplified into three tiers: $2 for all local routes that operate inside of Hamilton County; $2.65 for all express commuter routes within Hamilton County; and $3.75 for all express commuter routes in Warren, Butler, and Clermont counties. Metro also will re-designate a number of routes from express to commuter service for a $2 one-way fare. These changes and others are part of Metro’s “Reinventing Metro” plan, which aims to incorporate faster service, increased frequency and other improvements for riders.