Best Of 2021

Best Reason to Continue to Thank and Appreciate Cincinnati Sanitation Workers: Kinsel investigated the discarded bag and found a puppy

As essential workers, sanitation employees did their job while the rest of us were locked down and went above and beyond the call of duty — one in particular. While on his daily rounds in Colerain Township in January, Rumpke Waste & Recycling truck driver Aaron Kinsel stumbled across an unlikely surprise. After noticing something moving inside a backpack, Kinsel investigated the discarded bag and found a puppy. It’s unclear whether the 10-week-old pooch was thrown out intentionally, but Rumpke made sure the puppy made it to the vet to receive some much-needed care. As a result of his kindness, SPCA Cincinnati honored Kinsel with a Good Pet Samaritan Award. And the puppy, little Bunny FKA Tipper, found a forever home.