Best Of 2021

Best Fake Fast Food Franchise: Nihilist Arby’s

The Northside Yacht Club is no stranger to mock restaurant franchise pop-ups, having previously transformed into other edibly-themed entities like SkyRosa’s — a Skyline and LaRosa’s mashup — and, perhaps most infamously, an Applebee’s. But Nihilist Arby’s took it a step further, actually getting permission from Punk musician and Nihilist Arby’s Twitter account operator Brendan Kelly to open the inspired eatery. For one week, NSYC served a menu that mimicked the Arby’s menu with 24-hour sous-vide dry-rubbed beef, Sixteen Bricks onion rolls and mornay sauce made with UrbanStead cheese. They also offered curly fries, a vegetarian/vegan seitan steak option and a boozy Jamocha shake. Each meal was complemented by a nihilist message from Kelly’s Twitter, including, “Whatever, assholes. Death approaches and time and agency are illusions. You’re already dead. Please continue to eat Arby’s in 2020.”