Best Of 2021

Best Food Legends We Said Goodbye To: James Aglamesis

Two iconic Cincinnati food legends died this past year. The longtime owner of Aglamesis Bro’s passed away on Jan. 23 at the age of 93. James Aglamesis, also known as “Jim” or “Mr. A,” led the family ice cream parlor chain for more than 60 years. The over-a-century-old ice cream brand was founded by Greek immigrants Thomas and Nicholas Aglamesis, Jim’s father and uncle, respectively. Jim took over the business in the 1950s and continued to oversee it until recent years, when he passed its leadership to third and fourth generation family members. Fahid “Frank” Daoud, one of the four Daoud brothers who launched Gold Star chili, died in Pompano, Florida at the age of 83 in May. The Jordanian Daouds founded Gold Star in 1965, using secret family recipes to create one of the city’s top chili empires and spreading saucy meat and golden cheese across the Tri-State.