Best Of 2021

Best Homemade Black Bean Burger: Delwood

If you are a black bean burger connoisseur — or have ever even just eaten one — you know that the patties must strike a delicate balance: too wet and they crumble before you can get the burger to your mouth; too dry and they’re basically flavorless pucks. Delwood in Mount Lookout has somehow mastered the art with its black bean burger. The restaurant has Latin American flair with a focus on Peruvian flavors and the black bean burger features a blend of beans, corn and red bell peppers, topped with white cheddar, avocado, lettuce, tomato and aji verde aioli. The tangy, green aji verde sauce adds an uncommon oomph that pairs exceptionally well with the beans, which are robustly flavored and just the right amount of mushy.