Best Of 2021

Best Funky Cocktail Kits You Can Make at Home — with a Playlist to Boot: Booze Boxes

Over-the-Rhine bar Lost & Found celebrated its one-year anniversary during the pandemic, so they put the in-person festivities on hold while coming up with a creative way to bring the party to the people. After releasing some teasers leading up to the big reveal, Lost & Found announced their new Booze Boxes, which offer a way for loyal patrons to enjoy craft cocktails, bites, art and groovy jams from the comfort of their own homes. The boxes include three or four two-serving pre-mixed cocktails, a paired snack, a Lost & Found zine with curated playlist and cocktail commentary and plenty of funky stickers. The concept was so popular, the bar expanded its Booze Box offerings beyond its anniversary celebration with additional themes and the option to build your own.