Best Of 2021

Best Gift to Northern Kentucky’s The Lodge Recording Studio: vintage masonic bench

You’re most likely familiar with Rock star Jack White from his leading role in bands The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. And while his musical career may be what introduced you to the man of many talents, you’ll be pleased to discover (if you haven’t already) that he’s also a master upholsterer. One of White’s 2020 projects — under the moniker Third Man Upholstery — was a vintage masonic bench, which he restored as a gift to Johnny Wirick’s Masonic Sounds Studio inside of Dayton, Kentucky’s The Lodge, a century-old Masonic Lodge that has been renovated into a bustling arts hub over the past decade. Wirick, a Punk Blues Rock guitarist who also goes by the name Johnny Walker, met White while playing in dive clubs throughout Toledo and Detroit. According to Wirick, the Masonic bench was a surprise over a year in the making and one of its most unique features is the fact that White installed an actual guitar amplifier inside the seat. White named the bench “My Sonic Temple.” “So I can sit on it and go on crazy psychedelic guitar trips,” Wirick says. “There is enough room on it for three friends to go along with me.”