Best Of 2021

Best Groovy Suburban Brewery: Third Eye Brewing

“LIVE LIFE. DO GOOD. DRINK BEER.” is the mantra of Sharonville’s Third Eye Brewing. Walk into the brewery — located in the neighborhood’s Northern Lights District — and you’ll encounter a vibrant and whimsical atmosphere, with a colorful and slightly psychedelic mural by David Jonathan Uy serving as the centerpiece of the bar. The space blurs the line between the inside and out with a giant covered patio and indoor/outdoor bar seating. The creative design goes hand in hand with their unique hippie-named brews, including Jelly Brain, a milkshake IPA with pineapple and coconut; Higher Consciousness, a Scottish wee heavy; and Hop Shockra, a West Coast double IPA. In addition to its groovy vibe, Third Eye Brewing lives its motto with a commitment to collaborate with local organizations and charities to give back to the community.