Best Of 2021

Best Holiday Bar Pop-Up to Wear Your Worst Ugly Christmas Sweater: Miracle

Overlook Lodge’s holiday bar pop-up Miracle returned in November, gracing us once again with a festively immersive yuletide celebration, and boasting a socially distant spin. The all-inclusive and ticketed event offered two themed cocktails and one shot per guest for a one-hour duration. Drink names and glassware were kitschy and festive and included the Bad Santa, with mulled red wine served in a winking-Santa mug, and the Christmas Carol Barrel, with tequila, coffee liquor, dry Curacao and spiced chocolate in a holiday Tiki cup. Artificial trees acted as dividers between groups and the decor looked like a craft corner barfed up wrapping paper, tinsel and colored lights all over the interior... in the best way possible.