Best Of 2021

Best Herbal Tincture to Help You Relax: Queen City Alchemy

No, we aren’t talking CBD or medical marijuana (although both of those work, too). But if you’re looking for something with more of a witchy-goddess flair, look no further than Queen City Alchemy. Emily Little first launched her line of soaps and body products as “Little Organics,” with a focus on herbal medicine, informed and filtered through her Appalachian heritage. Now, Little Organics is Queen City Alchemy, a high-end locally made holistic skincare and apothecary line featuring soaps, serums, balms, deodorants and other botanicals crafted using non-toxic, compassionate and therapeutic ingredients. Little’s Peace of Mind Anxiety Relief Extract will, as she puts it, “encourage calmness, ease tension, reduce worry and to help you chill the f*** out overall.” It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper so you can dispense the blend of passionflower, mimosa flower, kava kava and skullcap whenever you need it.