Best Of 2021

Best Homage to Crazy Ladies Bookstore: Downbound Books

Downbound Books fills a hole in the Northside community as an independent bookstore offering a selection of curated titles. Before returning to Cincinnati, owner Gregory Kornbluh lived on the East Coast for more than a decade where he worked as a bookseller at a shop outside Boston and later in sales and marketing for Harvard University Press. But he’s still very aware of local legacy and has dedicated a corner of his store to “Crazy Ladies, Jr.” The name pays tribute to a much-beloved feminist and LGBTQ bookstore that operated in Northside from the 1970s to the early 2000s. In the Crazy Ladies, Jr. section, readers will find political works, queer stories, books about gender identity and reproductive health and plenty of feminist titles. There’s also a section for “Crazy Kids.”