Best Of 2022

Best Cincinnati Art Icon We Said Goodbye to in 2021

Cincinnati lost an icon in July. Beloved and before-her-time fashion illustrator Anne Wainscott died at the age of 104. Her life was full of color, adventure and creativity. Wainscott was born to immigrant parents and raised largely in Cincinnati, where she remained throughout her life and work. Her love of fashion merged with illustration, and, for most of her career, she made fashion illustrations for Cincinnati’s first department store, Shillito’s. During her career she also created war posters and pamphlets for the Black troops in World War II, illustrated ads for Chanel suits and Christian Dior dresses, and drew fashion supplement covers for the Cincinnati Enquirer in the 1950s and ’60s. Her home became a salon where creatives gathered. And despite losing it and many of her possessions to a fire when she was 101, she spent the final years of her life surrounded by devoted friends, pets and caregivers.