Best Of 2022

Best Dinner and a Movie

If you’re looking for a spot to grab dinner and a movie, City Base Cinemas offers both in the same space. The theater, which opened in July at The Kenwood Collection (that building where Whole Foods and Crate & Barrel are), has all the bells and whistles audiences have come to expect from modern movie-going. The 11 public auditoriums have heated seats that recline, as well as swivel tables. Guests can order food and drinks from a special service button on the side of their chairs; waiters come take your order and deliver your desired items directly to your seat. Concessions feature more than 40 different draft beers — including local brews — plus wine and cocktails. And the food menu features pizza, salads, wraps, fried finger foods, popcorn and even milkshakes. With one other location in San Antonio, Texas, it’s a real boutique cinema experience. The only thing you have to get used to is eating a salad in the dark.