Best Of 2022

Best Important Exhibit Addition

Cincinnati’s Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center honored International Holocaust Remembrance Day in January 2022 by unveiling a new story as part of its Dimensions in Testimony exhibit. Eva Schloss, a Holocaust survivor and the posthumous stepsister of Anne Frank, shared her experience with the museum and recorded it for the exhibit. Dimensions in Testimony invites attendees to have virtual “conversations” with Holocaust survivors via artificial intelligence. Schloss was born Eva Geiringer in Vienna in 1929. In 1938, she and her family fled Austria after Germany annexed the country. They sought refuge in the Netherlands and were former neighbors of Anne Frank and her family in Amsterdam. According to the Holocaust & Humanity Center, Schloss and her family went into hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, like the Franks, and were “later betrayed and sent to Westerbork Concentration Camp and then to Auschwitz II-Birkenau.” Schloss’ father and brother died in the camp and Schloss’ mother, Elfriede Geiringer, later married Otto Frank. Thanks to technology, now Schloss’ important story is recorded and preserved, in her own words, for the next generation.