Best Of 2022

Best Literary Scavenger Hunt

Cincinnatian Samantha Evans created Under Cover Book Club — a project in which she hides copies of books in public places each month for people to find — in 2018 “to help people continue to read, to continue to learn,” she tells CityBeat. You could call it guerilla literacy. Evans calls it “glorified littering.” However you classify it, the core purpose of this project is to promote literacy and connect readers in Cincinnati to one another. She moved her idea to Instagram (@undercover513), launched a website and created a space where readers and writers can collectively geek out about literature. Ever since, she’s been finding new ways to connect her followers with the authors whose books she spotlights each month. All this leads up to the scavenger hunts in different neighborhoods, where Evans inconspicuously leaves books on windowsills and leans them up against brick walls, then drops coordinates to their locations on social media.