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​​Best Scavenger Hunt That Never Gets Old

"Faberge Fosdick" in Glendale

Stroll through Glendale and you might notice the town’s rambunctious mascot — the black squirrel — scurrying up trees or across lawns. According to legend, businessman Thomas Carruthers III brought back two black squirrels from Harbor Springs, Michigan, in the 1940s, and those squirrels had a bit of a baby boom. Since then, Glendale has paid tribute to the critters with 5-foot-tall fiberglass squirrel statues throughout its streets and yards. During the village’s 2005 sesquicentennial celebration, 25 squirrel statues were revealed; today, 13 can still be viewed on public property. Head to Glendale’s old town square to spot an easy handful and get a map and more history from the Glendale Heritage Preservation Museum.