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Best Way to Explore the Paranormal

Are noises in your 100-year-old attic keeping you awake? Are you convinced that somebody is watching you from your fog-filled cornfield? A professional ghost hunt from PINK may help suss out any supernatural activity. PINK (Paranormal Investigators of Northern Kentucky) investigators and husband-and-wife duo John and Lisa Trump frequently are called upon to ask spirits about what they’re looking for and help them move on — meaning those from beyond the grave may finally leave you alone. In darker cases, the Trumps even may work with the clergy to exorcise malevolent souls. PINK brings a bevy of detection and communication gear with them, from heat-sensing cameras to frequency scanners, and their monitors often show what appear to be otherworldly inhabitants moving about. Even if you’re not fully convinced that you have ghostly visitors, an expedition with PINK is never boring. Casper may enjoy the outreach, too, deciding to be a good housemate instead of a devilish one.