Best Of 2022

Best Cicada Invasion

They’re coming! At least, that’s what entomologists predicted. Following a 17-year residency underground, billions of cicadas were set to emerge throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky last summer. And while the insects did arrive and cause a buzz in certain places, Brood X, as this generation of insects was called, didn’t quite blanket the region in ways our horror-flick brains might have imagined. But that didn’t dampen Cincinnati’s enthusiasm for the little buggers — and there still were a lot of them. After all, we have Gene Kritsky, the dean of behavioral and natural sciences at Mount St. Joseph University, whose Cicada Safari app let users search, photograph, record and map cicadas in their area so scientists could study the data. And if you wanted to totally avoid the swarm instead of photographing it? Local company Under the Weather had you covered, literally, with their wearable mesh pod. The screened-in box came with shoulder straps to slip over your body and keep the bugs off of you.