Best Of 2022

Best Movement for Your Bowels

Cincy PHLUSH wants to see more public restrooms in Cincinnati, such as this one in Smale Riverfront Park.

Everybody pees. Everybody poops. Why, then, aren’t there enough public restrooms in which to take care of business? PHLUSH — or Public Hygiene Lets Us Stay Human — is looking to change that. The organization, helmed regionally by Jason Haap and Justin Jeffre, advocates for equitable public toilet availability in an effort to change the way Cincinnati looks at one of our most basic needs. From unhoused community members to pregnant people to folks with health issues, many Cincinnati residents and visitors need quick access to facilities without being forced to buy items in a shop or deal with limited hours. Pointing to the success of the free Portland Loo public toilet in Smale Riverfront Park, Haap and Jeffre have been getting endorsements from government leaders and civic organizations to improve restroom accessibility. We’re looking forward to the day when everyone in Cincinnati can find sweet relief.