Best Of 2022

Best Reason for Finial Lovers to Rejoice

Look up the next time you walk by Music Hall to see 10 sandstone finials newly restored by the Friends of Music Hall. Built in 1878, the decorative ornamentations were damaged or went missing from their perch on the roof. Also restored was a sandstone lyre, an ancient symbol of music, fittingly placed in the center of the façade. Music Hall soars over the row houses in Over-the-Rhine and now its distinctive silhouette, restored to its original design, makes this National Historic Landmark once again an exceptional example of High Victorian Gothic architecture. Architect Samuel Hannaford would be pleased to know we still admire and respect his architectural masterpiece. The project was spearheaded by Thea Tjepkema, a historic preservationist and board member of the Friends of Music Hall, a nonprofit with a mission to promote and preserve Music Hall.