Best Of 2022

Best Alternative to Nachos

Covington’s OLLA Taqueria Gutierrez serves up Mexican-style street food with some extravagant twists. The eatery is owned by Sergio Gutierrez — whose father owns Gutierrez Deli just down the street — and the menu is stacked with your typical street dishes like tacos, burritos and quesadillas. Customers can choose from nine different meat/seafood/veggie options (including birria) when ordering their meals, as well as their choice of a couple entrees, sides and drinks, both alcoholic and non. Pick your protein to top OLLA’s “Guti fries,” which are similar to nachos but made with, well, french fries. They come topped with guacamole, mozzarella, cotija, cilantro, onion, sour cream and salsa.