Best Of 2022

Best Apizza Carry-Out

Saint Francis Apizza

In true hidden-gem fashion, Saint Francis Apizza’s brick-and-mortar location in East Hyde Park doesn’t look like anything special. It’s a clean, well-lit little kitchen and counter designed only for customers to pick up their order — no dine-in at present. Once that pizza box is open, though, things start to get great. “Apizza” distinguishes itself from a pizza with its thin-yet-airy crisp and slightly charred crust, achieved by a coal-fired oven. Review the menu and you’ll find a point of origin for nearly all the ingredients on your pie, with a special emphasis on local, ethically grown produce and meats that are sourced only a short drive from the pizzeria — like mushrooms from Rich Life Farm and Ezzo pepperoni from Columbus, Ohio. If you don’t eat the crust, you don’t deserve this apizza.