Best Of 2022

Best Cincinnati-Spawned National Day

Celebrated the Friday after Lent begins, National Tartar Sauce Day is a uniquely Cincinnati holiday — and not just because the city is full of Catholics. Apparently local restaurant chain Frisch’s Big Boy is the one that started National Tartar Sauce Day to honor the tangy condiment. The restaurant says it launched the initiative five years ago to celebrate Frisch’s “famous fish sandwich made with two sustainably sourced Alaskan cod filets and the famous Frisch’s Original Tartar Sauce.” Sounds relatively self-promotional, which it is, but in 2022 National Tartar Sauce Day also marked the start of the celebrations for Frisch’s 75th anniversary. Mayor Aftab Pureval declared March 4, 2022, “Frisch’s Big Boy Day” in the Queen City, praising the chain’s history, appeal and ability to “bring back memories from throughout the years, while making fond memories today,” along with its famous tartar sauce.