Best Of 2022

Best Craft Soy Sauce Producer

Ohio grows more soybeans than any other crop. In fact, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s 2020 Annual Bulletin, 4.87 million acres of soy was harvested in the state. That’s enough for buyers from China, Japan and Korea to line up for their exportable shares every harvest. Cincinnatians Sam Pellerito and Kendall Holmes took notice of the remarkably abundant domestic resource and its notable lack of local culinary utilization, particularly on the condiments shelf. Local soy sauce was a relatively unheard-of commodity before they started CinSoy in Over-the-Rhine. Now you can find bottles of their locally brewed soy sauce all over the city, along with koji mustard, chili oil and more. CinSoy’s local soy sauce tastes miles above anything you’ll find in a single-serve plastic packet.