Best Of 2022

Best Divisive Seasonal Delicacy

Nobody likes you? Everybody hates you? Guess you should go eat ... cicadas. While fried worms are equally appalling to those who wouldn’t touch a bug, cicadas are on the menu for plenty of folks when the loud little buddies pop up every now and then. While a simple dry fry with salt and pepper is a classic way to cook up fresh cicadas, don’t shy away from cumin, oregano, dried chili and granulated garlic for cicada tacos. Snappy Tomato Pizza has a cute little jingle about their seasonal “Snappy Cicada Pizza,” but the company doesn’t actually serve that topping. Plenty of local bakeries also featured the bugs on their menus — some in purely decorative form (as in cicadas made of icing on cookies at The BonBonerie or cicada-shaped cakes at Busken Bakery) and some as actual bug-driven protein, like in Fawn Candy Co.’s roasted-cicada-topped chocolates.