Best Of 2022

Best Fresh Tortillas

The quality of Tortilleria Garcia’s fresh, housemade tortillas is so superior that it’s just not fair to other taco joints. Woe betide any fool that orders a flour tortilla at this spot. Well, that’s harsh, but the majority of the menu is best served with those golden maize disks, so simple in their ingredients and effectively delicious you might even dare call them perfect. Owner Omar Garcia brings joy through his food in a way that transcends simple service: He’s sharing his homeland and heritage. Garcia comes from a family that’s operated tortillerias for generations, and Cincinnati is very lucky he decided to call it his new home — our collective standard for the noble tortilla has greatly increased as a result of his handiwork. Visit any of the three locations in the area to grab a bite (bonus points if you eat at all three in one day), or buy the tortillas in bulk to make your own chips or tostadas.