Best Of 2022

Best Raclette Night

Want to hear a joke about raclette night at Oakley Wines? Nevermind, it’s too cheesy. But the food menu and wine selection at Oakley Wines is no laughing matter, especially during the winter. During the colder months, the bar offers up a weekly raclette night. If you’ve never had raclette, it’s an event that dominates the room: a large hunk of cheese is heated on one side and all that gooey loveliness is scraped onto whatever you want to smother — cornichon, potato, meat. The taste is as profound as the cheesy fragrance, which is quite strong, but worth the lingering smell you’ll waft all night. If you prefer a more-subtle dish, definitely get something from the kitchen to enjoy in the cozy dining area. Their sophisticated menu recommends plenty of wine to wash down your raclette (or anything, really), as if you needed an excuse. Raclette nights used to happen at sister shop The Rhined in Findlay Market, but Oakley Wines is a bit more spacious for a popular pop-up.