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Best Sweet Tribute

Cincinnati City Council unanimously voted in August to give Allston Street in Oakley the honorary secondary moniker of James T. Aglamesis Way, so named for the longtime purveyor of Cincinnati’s famous Aglamesis Bro’s Ice Cream and Candy. Also known as “Jim” or “Mr. A.,” Aglamesis passed away Jan. 23, 2021, at age 93. “Dad’s passing was naturally hard on our family — we miss him terribly. But his passing was made a little less painful through the outpouring of wonderful sentiments expressed by the city community of Cincinnati,” Randy Young, the current president of Aglamesis Bro’s and Aglamesis’ stepson, told the council. “It touched the family in so many ways, but especially in the fact that we were witness to the magnitude of his lasting impact on our community and all the memories of him that were shared with us. He was mostly known as ‘Mr. A.’ to the hundreds of employees and countless thousands of customers he met over the eight decades of working in the business.”